CorexForex, ABS, Chromadeck Signage Printing Cape Town

We print a variety of signage media that is applied to plastic backing boards, metal back boards, foam board, perspex for outdoor signage use. They can be used for property signs, real estate signs, directional signs and other temporary signage. We can print most sizes signs as well as the standard A4A3A2A1and A0 signs.

Vehicle signage


Chromadeck signage

Signage Backing Boards that we print and apply to include:

  • Corex Signage
  • Forex Signage
  • ABS Board Signage
  • Chromadeck Signage
  • Block Mounted Signage

The media we can print signage on includes:

  • Vinyl Signage
  • Canvas Signage
  • Paper Signage
  • PVC Signage
  • Backlight Media